Table of Contents


Prologue: As Angels Dance

Chapter One: Fiat Lux: April, 1979
I'm Not Pregnant: I'm Crazy - Reading Lists - Telling Times - Choices and Dreams - The Mirrored Wall - Calls - What Dances in the Mirror - What Virgins Conceive - Prenatal Vitamins - Doors - Publish or Perish - The Birth of Athena - Late Papers Not Accepted

Chapter Two: Is There Life After Birth?
The First Day of a New Term - Journal Excerpt: May 1980, The White Rabbit - Scholarly Molds - Having It All - Or Maybe Not - The Arsenic Hour - Like the Tin Man - Moses and Me - And the Nuns - July 1981: News and More News

Chapter Three: Bonbons and Soap Operas
Bottled Brew - Another Call from the Chairman - My Delicate Condition - And Other Calls - Let Us Pray - The Triumph of Alien Reality - Negotiating With Aliens - English as a Second Language - Double Vision - Zahava, Which Means, in Hebrew, "Gold" - Not the Inanimate Cold World - The First Day of Preschool - Wordsmith for Hire - Not Telling Her - Sacramental Feasts

Chapter Four: A Rainbow in the Sky
Boston - Life-Work - Comfort - The Known and the Unknown - The Gifts of God - Communion - Professor of English, Fairy Godmother University - Unremembered Dreams - Staring Out the Window - Adding it Up - Not-Thinking Two Entirely Impossible Thoughts - The Still Small Voice - Door County

Chapter Five: Across the Waters
Computational Errors - The Wisdom of Solomon - The Lady Behind the Desk, Again - When Ignorance Is Bliss - The Housewife and the Scholar - Sea Changes - Across the Waters - Santa Claus - Still Crazy After All These Years

Chapter Six: A Big Blue Frog
The Opiate of the Anxious - Let It Snow - God as Real Estate Broker - Between A Rock and a Hard Place - Spots of Time - The Feast of John Chrysostom - How Dreary To Be Somebody - "An American Tune" - Visions and Revisions - The Lady, Yet Again - August, 1992 - Dancing

Epilogue: October 1992